Twitter responses to « Wind And Wish » by BTOB: The song is dubbed « Song of the Year » by Melodys as Vocal Kings make a comeback.

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BTOB’s Wind And Wish marks the group’s first comeback of the year. Consisting of Seo Eun-kwang, Lee Min-hyuk, Lee Chang-sub, Im Hyun-sik, Peniel Shin and Yook Sung-jae, the K-pop group is popularly known for their soulful ballads and seasonal releases, making this another comforting spring release.

BTOB’s Wind And Wish is their first comeback of the year.

The group’s 12th Mini album, which was released on May 2, 2023. There are 5 tracks in total which are titled – 나의 바람 (Wind and Wish), Heaven, Day&Night, Moon Ride, and Your Love. Hyunsik and MosPick composed the title track, which also features lyrics penned by BTOB members Minhyuk and Peniel.

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Still from BTOB’s Wind And Wish MV

It’s a pop love song in which the lyrics express wishing their loved ones luck and happiness no matter where they may be. The video is set against the backdrop of two locations – one is of a street, where the members appear bruised and donning casual outfits like denim & leather. The other depicts them in a floral garden, where they are typically in white or soft hues.

Compared to the previous tracks, it is a dance song with a choreography that many people would be able to follow along with. Fans are getting upset about a certain phrase from the song, « Sometimes I feel as if there’s a missing piece, » and some are even wondering if it’s a reference to former member Ilhoon.

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Still from BTOB’s Wind And Wish MV

Apart from it, many have been sharing the reactions of netizens who found the song comforting & something that they have been longing to hear. Along with the album, the group also appeared on a YouTube show called Killing Voice where many groups sing their songs live. The fact that the members were able to sing pretty high notes with ease once more demonstrated why BTOB is known as the « vocal kings. »

The group also held a press conference where the question of ‘will Chang-sub be going back to military?’ came up. It refers to his promise on his YouTube show where he casually said that he will enlist again if they gained 500,000 followers. Now that the number has been hit recently, the question remains if it will really become the reality for the group’s vocalist. Known for their meme(ic) personalities and hilarious antics, it wouldn’t be a surprise if actually went back, even for a day.


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