The Diplomat Season 2 Predictions: The Truth About Hal’s Death, Kate Wyler’s Search For the Real Culprit Might Get Complicated, and More

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The Diplomat Season 2 Predictions have made their way on the internet, ever since Netflix announced a continuation of the political drama series. The show was praised for its nuanced depiction of foreign policy and relations as well as Keri Russell’s outstanding performance. Therefore, in this article, we will provide you with some juicy trajectory projections for the Season 2 of The Diplomat. So settle in, brush your memory, and get ready for some political intrigue.

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Kate Wyler Unearthing the Real Culprit

The Diplomat Season 2 Predictions provide juicy trajectory projections for the show, so prepare yourself for political conspiracies.

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The Diplomat Season 2 Still

Based on the thrilling climax of The Diplomat Season 1, it’s quite clear that Kate Wyler has figured out the identity of the Naval blast culprit. It is none other than the fictitious Prime Minister of the UK, Nicol Trowbridge, to everyone’s amazement and surprise. The haughty and impulsive leader concocted a cunning scheme to profit from the naval attack and simply shifted the blame. However, the last-minute clue from the French embassy foiled the secrecy of his plan. The second season’s Trowbridge snatching by Kate Wyler will be fun to watch.

Hal’s Unfortunate Fate

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The Diplomat Season 2 Still

The trajectory of Hal Wyler (Kate’s overachieving husband and former ambassador) was a complete rollercoaster ride. At first, he played the role of a puppet master by plotting behind Kate’s back, and then later surrendered himself to anonymity. In the end, Hal wanted his piece of popularity and succumbed to the bomb blast right before meeting the conservative MP. Even though the show reflects on Hal’s fate in an enigmatic manner, it will be in our best interest to not stake up any expectations.

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Kate Wyler’s Romantic Partnership

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Still from the show

The series makes a poignant analysis of Kate Wyler’s wobbly marriage with Hal, and her on-and-off chemistry with the foreign secretary Dennison. The couple is open about their interest in one another, but they never make contact to discuss the next step. Therefore, it’s more than evident that the next season will give us some glimpses of their slow-burning romance.

The Vice Presidency

The first season of the show was centred around Kate’s diplomatic career, while the second will feature her road to the vice presidency. There were numerous moving parts working together to get her ready for the remaining leg of the voyage while ensuring Kate didn’t go crazy. Now, after the complicated events of the finale, one can expect a fair share of publicity for her official campaign.

Kate Wyler’s Attempt to Stop the Assassination

Another element that will feature in the series continuation is Kate Wyler’s difficult escape from the assassination situation. As a result of the events of episode 10, Kate may need additional time to compile the evidence needed to accuse the Prime Minister of his crimes. Therefore, her immediate step has to be to stop the assassination attempt on the Russian criminal and take him in for a detailed round of questioning.

You can stream the series on Netflix. Let us know your share of predictions for the next season, in the comments section below.


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