Recap and analysis of Dr. Romantic Season 3 Episodes 1 and 2: First Patient Received at Doldam Trauma Center

Dr Romantic Romantic Saison 3 Episodes 1 et 2 Recapitulation et revue do6jANE 1 1

Dr Romantic season 3 (낭만닥터 김사부3) is the latest season of the romance medical Kdrama of the same name directed by Yoo In-shik. The show stars Han Seok-kyu, Lee Sung-kyung, Ahn Hyo-seop, Kim Joo-heon, So Ju-yeon, and Jin Kyung, alongside other cast members.

The new season brings the grand opening of Doldam Trauma Centre but with new challenges as Kim Sa-bu and his team face them in their professional and personal lives. As the scale of incidents and accidents that the hospital has to manage, the team has to provide top-quality care for their patients.

Dr Romantic season 3 stars Han Seok-kyu, Lee Sung-kyung, Ahn Hyo-seop, Kim Joo-heon.

The show will have 16 episodes and be broadcasted on SBS on the Friday-Saturday slot at 10 PM previously occupied by Taxi Driver season 2. Doctor Romantic season 3 episodes 1 and 2 run 70 and 68 minutes, respectively.

The synopsis of the show reads:

At Doldam, a small countryside hospital, Kim Sa-bu works with passionate young doctors and treats various patients, delivering healing to many.

-Dr Romantic Season 3 Episode 1 and 2 Recap Contains Spoilers-

Dr Romantic season 3 episode 1 begins with the scene of guns firing on a boat while a little boy covers his ears and stays still in one corner to save his life. Sometime later, the South Korean coast guard notice the unknown vessel and try to contact the people inside, but when they get no reply the decision to infiltrate it is made.

But what they discover on the boat are dead bodies and four survivors, one of whom is seriously injured. The doctor on board starts trying his best to save the injured and succeeds in holding on until the doctors from Doldam arrive. It is Seo Woo-jin, Park Eun-tak, and Jung In-soo who arrive to save the injured man.

Dr Romantic Romantic Saison 3 Episodes 1 et 2 Revue UcXzlkmC 2 3

Dr Romantic Season 3 Episode 1 still

After signing the confidentiality agreement, they enter to find out that the man’s injury is not easy to deal with and will require Kim Sa-bu’s help. Elsewhere, Cha Eun-jae and Jang Dong-hwa are already out looking for Sa-bu who is supposed to be enjoying his long-awaited vacation.


They soon find him and Woo-jin informs him of the patient that is to be treated, however, he also notices that there is something wrong with the man’s daughter and informs Sa-bu about her as well. Sa-bu soon reaches the coast guard’s boat and rushes to the patient while sending Eun-jae and Dong-hwa to the patient’s daughter.

Sa-bu, Woo-jin, Eun-tak, and In-soo quickly stabilize the man’s condition, but he still needs to be transferred to the hospital with his daughter because the danger isn’t finished. The sick and the others are North Korean defectors, therefore removing them from the boat would cause political difficulties, the coast guard captain explains to the man, so it wouldn’t be possible.

Dr Romantic Romantic Saison 3 Episodes 1 et 2 Revue unEOYL 3 4

Dr Romantic Season 3 Episode 1 still

Sa-bu is infuriated by this and tries to find a way out of this situation along with the captain, and the two soon find an unofficial way to take them out. The captain tells him that the defectors need to be taken to the hospital without anyone finding out that they have left the boat, and this information cannot be leaked out no matter what.

Sa-bu accepts this and informs Oh Myung-shim to unofficially open up the trauma centre where the team is soon to arrive to continue the treatment. He also informs her that this is a delicate situation and no one should know about the patients being treated at the centre.

In addition to this, the trauma centre hasn’t been approved as of yet which is why this is a matter of concern for her, Nam Do-il and Jang Gi-tae. Sa-bu soon arrives at Doldam and the trauma centre welcomes its first patient. The operation theatre is prepared for the patient and the doctors are ready to save him, meanwhile, Dong-hwa makes use of the ruckus and slips out of the hospital.

Dr Romantic Romantic Saison 3 Episodes 1 et 2 Revue vaIdv 4 5

Dr Romantic Season 3 Episode 1 still

Unaware of what is going on inside the trauma center, Park Min-guk invites Cha Jin-man to visit the newly constructed facility while also trying to hire him. Back at the trauma center, the procedure goes smoothly, and the patient is watched over while the doctors take a nap.

While Eun-tak misses Yoon Ah-reum dearly, Woo-jin and Eun-jae share heartwarming moments with each other at their new place. At Doldam, Yang Ho-joon notices the absence of his colleagues and senses something unusual. He then notices In-soo heading towards the trauma centres and tries to find out what is happening.

As Min-guk and Jin-man arrive to give them a tour of the trauma center, Myung-shim arrives and blocks him from entering the facility. But as he surveys the crowd inside, he is surprised by what he discovers. He soon calls for Sa-bu who notices Jin-man who is an old rival of his.

Dr Romantic Romantic Saison 3 Episodes 1 et 2 Revue PwM3ZRmow 5 6

Dr Romantic Season 3 Episode 1 still

Jin-man too sees him and begins walking towards Sa-bu, however, he walks past him and towards Eun-jae who addresses him as father and surprises the people present there.

Dr Romantic season 3 episode 2 begins with Sa-bu interviewing various candidates to make them part of the Doldam team when one of the candidates surprises him. The action then turns to the present, where Eun-jae refers to Jin-man as her father and remembers the moment when her mother reprimanded her for telling her brother’s secret.


After a casual small talk with her, Jin-man then points at the surprise that they have receives upon entering the centre and wonders why the director does not know of the centre being used. Jin-man is not one to listen to his old opponent, so Sa-bu makes an excuse and tries to get him to leave, but it isn’t that simple.

Dr Romantic Romantic Saison 3 Episodes 1 et 2 Revue O20ScB 6 7

Dr Romantic Season 3 Episode 2 still

Elsewhere, the North Korean delegation does not arrive for the meeting with the South Korean delegation and it is known that the former found out about the defectors and are now demanding their return before having any further talks.

Meanwhile, Min-guk tries to bring peace between the two parties when officials arrive and inform him of the situation occurring. Elsewhere, the patient goes under arrest and Woo-jin along with Sa-bu begins trying to save the man. They soon bring him back to normal and turn to find Min-guk along with the officials.

Because the two defectors are still in critical condition, Sa-bu is informed that they must be sent back by midnight on the same day for political reasons, which infuriates him once more. However, his words are spent in vain and this is a decision that will not be changed.

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On the other hand, Woo-jin finds out that Dong-hwa has left the hospital and soon finds out that the latter has been complaining about his job on the internet. He asks to have Don-hwa called soon, unaware that the latter is at an internet cafe and is playing games there.

Dr Romantic Romantic Saison 3 Episodes 1 et 2 Revue RDuMF 7 8

Dr Romantic Season 3 Episode 2 still

Dong-hwa is informed about this and he soon arrives at the hospital where Woo-jin has him realise that their job is not an easy one and it was a file chosen by him. He then assigns him to keep an eye on the patient and departs.

Eun-jae witnesses all this and tells Dong-hwa to be grateful after which she goes to talk to Woo-jin and helps him calm down. She is then called by Sa-bu and leaves while Woo-jin enters the office to find Jin-man waiting for him. He tells Woo-jin that his family was happy and perfect until Woo-jin arrived and made Eun-jae go against her brother.

When Gi-tae realizes he is forgetting something crucial, he vents his frustration while sweeping the floors. He overlooked the fact that the trauma center will be undergoing an electrical inspection, which will result in the electricity being shut off, and that no backup system has yet been constructed.

On the other hand, Eun-jae and Sa-bu discuss the condition of the man’s daughter and decide to hold surgery as soon as possible. Soon, the preparations go underway and Min-guk is frustrated by what is happening. However, Sa-bu doesn’t listen to him and goes ahead with the surgery, unaware that the power is going to turn off in 30 minutes.

Dr Romantic Romantic Saison 3 Episodes 1 et 2 Revue vLPl9ZiXb 8 9

Dr Romantic Season 3 Episode 2 still


Unable to stop Sa-bu, Min-guk then decides to invite Jin-man to witness the surgery that is taking place in order to persuade him to join the hospital. Jin-man accepts the offer and quickly makes it to the theater.

Woo-jin learns that Dong-hwa has once again turned against him and appointed the military officer to care for the patient in his place. Elsewhere, the other man who is with the patients seems suspicious as he goes to the washroom with an officer while sneakily picking up one of the surgical equipment.

The two enter the washroom where Dong-hwa is hidden and the man soon attacks the officer which is witnessed by Dong-hwa. However, he makes a noise that attracts the man’s attention, and Dong-hwa is subsequently attacked.

Dr Romantic Romantic Saison 3 Episodes 1 et 2 Revue JNHrnhWU 9 10

Dr Romantic Season 3 Episode 2 still

Woo-jin continues to search for Dong-hwa and is about to enter the washroom where he is when the boy who is another defector tries to stop him. Woo-jin is informed that the man is dangerous and that they should keep quiet for the sake of their lives. Woo-jin realises what is happening but still enters the washroom.

There he finds Dong-hwa being held by the man while his phone lies near Woo-jin’s feet with the game still going on. Gi-tae attempts to stop the workers from shutting off the power in another location after remembering what he had been forgetting, but it is too late and the center’s power is already gone.

Everyone is shocked by this, and as Min-guk tries to figure out what occurred, Sa-bu calms everyone down in the operating room and performs the procedure with the aid of multiple phone torches. The military doctor observing the patient tries to call for help but when nothing works, he takes it upon himself to save the man.

Dr Romantic Romantic Saison 3 Episodes 1 et 2 Revue KwULp 10 11

Dr Romantic Season 3 Episode 2 still

Woo-jin notices that the man is agitated by the sudden power cut and picks up Dong-hwa’s phone and turns the volume up before resuming the game. The sounds of bullets are heard and the man in shock lets go of Dong-hwa. The power is turned on and light floods the room as Woo-jin runs to the man.

Dr Romantic Season 3 Episode 2 Ending

Dr Romantic season 3 episode 2 ends with everyone sighing in relief, Woo-jin tackles the man until other officers arrive and hold him down and take him away. Woo-jin then proceeds to take a look at the wounded officer, but Dong-hwa tells him that he is fine.


The team is pleased with the outcome of the procedure and observes Jin-man leave before he crosses paths with Woo-jin on his route. Woo-jin tells him that Eun-jae is important to him as a reply to what Jin-man told him earlier.

Dr Romantic Romantic Saison 3 Episodes 1 et 2 Revue ndRBJb 11 12

Dr Romantic Season 3 Episode 2 still

Later that day, Woo-jin comes across Sa-bu who is looking at the place where the patients were kept earlier before being taken away by the officers. Sa-bu responds that sometimes it is difficult to do everything and that they should concentrate on their responsibility as doctors when he questions if it was acceptable that they couldn’t safeguard their patients.

Woo-jin and others are shocked by this because Sa-bu is not one to act in such a manner. However, they learn quickly that, aside from the defector, all the others have been declared dead. The three defectors were protected by Sa-bu’s arrangement with the minister, which is shortly made clear.

Dr Romantic Romantic Saison 3 Episodes 1 et 2 Revue OhQrImqJ 12 13

Dr Romantic Season 3 Episode 2 still

Soon, Ah-reum and Bae Moon-jung return and begin their busy work with patients who are soon to enter after a nearby collision that has taken place. We then return to the scene of Sa-bu taking the interview and recognising the military doctor who has come to apply at Daldon.

However, Jin-man will only accept Min-guk’s offer if Sa-bu is prohibited from entering the trauma center.

Dr Romantic Season 3 Episodes 1 and 2 Review

The new season has begun and it is a blast as the team soon comes together with the first weekend brought in a perfect flow as it smoothly continues from season 2. The story has once again begun and we can already feel some tension and some romance as new faces are also brought to the show.

While we might still miss the familiar faces from season 1, let’s look forward to the adventure this cast will bring for us all. The cast is from season 2. Let’s also hope that at least a few members of the season 1 cast stop there.

What did you think about the first weekend of Dr Romantic season 3? Let us know in the comments below!

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