Master of Collectibles Review of The Goldin Touch: A Netflix Series That Transports Us to the Exciting and Tense World of Auction

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King of Collectibles The Goldin Touch Review: The latest Netflix show featuring Ken Goldin, the owner of Golding Auctions, takes us through the exciting world of auctioning and collecting rare items. The six-episode series, which includes Peyton Manning as well as a number of other producers, has a length of about 30 to 40 minutes. Ken introduces us to his highly competent team of employees on a thrilling journey of scouting the most valuable objects.

The Goldin Touch is a Netflix series featuring Ken Goldin, the owner of Golding Auctions, on a journey of collecting rare items.

Along with the team, a number of famous people were also seen on the show buying, selling, or confirming the sale of items at Goldin Auctions. The series included appearances by well-known people like Mike Tyson, Ric Flair, Karl Malone, Joe Montana, Logan Paul, Peyton Manning, and Drake.

-King of Collectibles The Goldin Touch Review Contains No Spoilers-

The show is truly an eye-opener for those unversed about auctioning. It showcases all the work that goes into obtaining and selling expensive objects to people by taking the spectator on a journey in a methodical and progressive manner. One important lesson to learn from the show is that there is a market for everything. Even the most bizarre and weird objects sell easily when there is a big name attached to them, and Ken never lets an opportunity go to waste.

In addition to being extremely educational, it is also thrilling. The thrill comes from the fact that behind every auction, there is a risk which can lead to thousands, if not millions, in loss. With professionalism and charisma, the employees of the auction house bring in some of the rarest items in the world, which sell at high prices.

However, more than the money, they value the reputation of the company the most in terms of business. Being a trustable company can lead to more deals, and that is what the Goldin employees strive for the most. Rather than enjoying the short time pleasures, they are more focused on building a better future. Moreover, they do not let an item be auctioned from the company without proper inspection to determine its authenticity.

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The only downside of the series is that we do not get a look at the cons of running the auction business. There is little to no failure in meeting pricing points or concluding a sale because the auction company is an established one. Mainly the high points and the satisfactory aspects of the job are shown with no complaints by the employees whatsoever.

Nevertheless, there was not one moment of dullness in the show. Additionally, the creators did not hyper-fixate on just one type of object. In each new episode, different people with equally unusual interests were shown, opening the audience to a world of endless possibilities. The various interactions between all types of people were also equally interesting and intriguing. By the end of the series, one would be asking for more.


King of Collectibles The Goldin Touch Review: Final Thoughts

The show will be interesting for those who are unfamiliar with the market as well as those who have an expensive hobby of collecting stuff. Ken and his entire staff walk the viewers through every step of the process in a detailed and engaging session. They make the job look so fulfilling and exhilarating that one would want to start collecting items themselves. It is sad that a complete picture of the auctioning process is not presented.

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Still from King of Collectibles The Goldin Touch

King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch is now streaming on Netflix. Have you seen the program yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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