Before Jennie makes an appearance at the 2023 Met Gala, check out these 6 of her best fashion choices.

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While BLACKPINK Jennie has made a mark as an artist, she is also known for her stellar fashion sense. Now that the artist is planning to attend the Met Gala 2023, fans have rallied to show their support for this appearance. It has been observed that Anna Wintour has invited her to one of the most important events in the entertainment industry ever since Karl Lagerfeld personally selected her to be the ambassador for Chanel.

Jennie will be attending the event for the first time. Apart from Rosé, who attended the event in 2021 too, no other BLACKPINK member will attend the Gala. However, other Korean pop stars like BTS’ Jimin and RM are slated to attend NYC’s largest charity event. We have gathered a few of these Jennie ensembles in honor of the artist attending the Gala to demonstrate just how stylish she is.

Best BLACKPINK Jennie’s Outfits

Red Dress at Gaon Chart Music Awards 2019

BLACKPINK Jennie has been invited to attend the Met Gala 2023, a prestigious event in the entertainment industry.

Because of the unequal levels, this red dress is really iconic, but the black boots that go with it make all the difference. Because of this, her solo performance at the awards has a significant influence. Held in January of the year, she performed SOLO at the awards and totally took the internet by storm.

White Cutout Outfit at Coachella 2023

The event took place last week when the artist absolutely broke Twitter in her white outfit. The dancing and the performance just added to the appeal of her outfit. Their set consisted of some popular titles like Kill This Love and How You Like That, among others. Jennie also performed a solo song, You & Me, with an extended rap verse.

Born Pink Concert Outfit Mexico

The outfit is quite normal and appropriate for the weather, and for that reason, fans have been loving this serve. The crop top and the baggy brown pants truly make the outfit complete. The black sunglasses give her a sophisticated look ideal for an afternoon concert because they strike the ideal mix between elegant and edgy. Fans have been thirsting over this fit and expressing their love for how good this looks on her, especially while she performs ICE CREAM.


Tamburins’ Perfume Campaign 2022

In this photoshoot and video, she is seen wearing two different outfits. The first one is a green slip dress with her hair done up. The second one from the video, where she is wearing a halter neck dress and a shoulder holster to hold the guns. The ruffled dress adds a whimsical touch to the contrast between her personality and the attire in the film. Once again, the length and the uneven levels add to the richness of the outfit.

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Elle USA December 2022 Issue

She is pictured in a pair of monochrome ensembles for the cover shoot, which go nicely with her physique and the chosen makeup. The rest of her hair was divided between being in two braids and being pulled back in a ponytail, and was worn in two micro braids with bows tied to them. A black two-piece was the best outfit, with the ruffles once again on the side. The thigh-high boots are just another great addition to her well-constructed outfit with length and contrast.

Born Pink World Tour 2023 Manila

This was also an outfit for her solo song You & Me. Fans were incredibly shaken by the top’s shiny material and the dainty outfit. Additionally, the shimmer is iridescent and changes colour as he moves and dances across the stage. The red lights on top provided an intense view of her performance as well. The artist shared a close-up of the outfit on her Instagram after getting a lot of traction.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie will be attending the Met Gala 2023 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 1, 2023, in New York City, with Anna Wintour heading the gathering. This year’s theme is “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty,” celebrating the life of the acclaimed designer Karl Lagerfeld who passed in 2019. Fans are incredibly excited to see the artist on the red carpet and have even started flooding Twitter with the news that the two members have arrived in New York.

BLACKPINK Jennie Met Gala 2023 Reactions

What do you suppose Jennie will wear to the Met this year? Tell us in the comments section below.


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